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you know when you really have no time to rp, you’re already in two rps, and you decide to start another? yeah i’m there right now lol


“That sounds fun,” Alex answered with a smile. “You’ll have to play for me sometime! I’ve known you for seven years and I’ve never heard you play. There’s something that just isn’t right about that,” she laughed. “It will work out,” she assured Becca. “You certainly have enough determination,” she added with a smirk. 

“You know, I’ve kind of been toying with the idea of opening a restaurant,” Alex said after a moment. “I mean, people would be paying me to make them food. That’s pretty awesome, right?” she laughed. 

"I’ll be sure to play for you at some point," Becca answered. "As long as you promise not to fall over and die if it’s completely horrible," she added with a grin. "I’d feel bad about killing my friend."

Becca’s eyes widened when Alex mentioned opening a restaurant. “Do it,” she said firmly. “That is the most brilliant idea ever.” She had tasted Alex’s cooking before and it was absolutely heavenly. “I would definitely come to your restaurant. Every day,” she added with a laugh. “Possibly two or three times a day!” She laughed again and hooked her arm around Alex’s, leading her out the door. “So, ice cream?” she asked. “You can tell me more about this restaurant plan while we eat.”

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idk if anyone other than jenny and i are still even active in this rp, but just in case there are other still active people, i started school today so i’ll probably be around less what with going to class and stalking jenny to make sure she doesn’t starve herself to death.

but i still exist.

now the real question is if anyone else exists…. O.O you should all go tell jenny to eat

dead rp is so dead…. :(

where is everyone? 


“I really haven’t been doing all that much either,” Alex answered with a slight frown. “Lots of being lazy,” she laughed. “I think the majority of my summer has been spent at the beach. I suppose I really could have been more productive…” she mused, then after a short silence, shrugged. “At some point I plan on finding a job. Once I figure out what I want to do, that is.” She laughed again, rolling her eyes. Alex supposed she was quite possibly one of the world’s most indecisive people. “I just have too many things I want to do…” she said slowly. “I can’t decide which things I want to do for fun and which I want to do for a career. And now I’m rambling,” she laughed. “Enough about my indecisiveness, do you know what you want to do yet?” she asked.

"Being lazy is always fun," Becca said, nodding in approval. "Alex, you had seven years in school to be productive. I think you have a right to some lazy time!" she assured her friend. 

"Oh god, I know what you mean," she said when Alex mentioned that she had a lot of thinks she wanted to do. "I think I’m leaning towards something music-related though," she said. "I’ve played guitar for ages and it’s fun, so it only seems logical to do something with that. We’ll see if that works out though…." she laughed. "Otherwise, I’m kind of considering training to be an auror."

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Alex awoke early in the morning, the sun streaming through her bedroom window. She tried to fall back asleep, but found that she was unable to. The idea of seeing Becca was probably preventing her from going back to sleep. She had to admit, she was rather excited to finally be seeing one of her friends again. It had been ages since she had seen anyone. She got out of bed and not bothering to get dressed, went down to the kitchen to make some breakfast. 

Feeling very full after several croissants, a large plate of fruit, and two cups of coffee, she went back up to her room. Checking the clock, she saw that it was only ten. She still had two hours before Becca would be here. Well, either that or three hours. Becca hadn’t specified if she would be there at noon her time, or noon Alex’s time. Not that it really mattered though. It wasn’t like she had anything else to do. She decided she might as well get ready now, as she had a tendency to get distracted and lose track of time. After dressing, she went down to the library and got a few books to read, then returned to her bedroom to read. 

It seemed like hardly any time had passed at all before she heard Becca shouting her name. She smiled and closed the book, then ran out of her room and found Becca standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking around the room. Alex ran down the stairs and gave her friend a rather enthusiastic hug. “Becca!” she said, smiling happily. “It’s good to see you again! I haven’t seen anyone in ages…” she continued, trailing off with a slight frown. 

Becca grinned and hugged Alex back tightly. “Oh my god, I know, me too!” she said. “I’ve been so busy locked in my house doing nothing,” she laughed, still smiling widely. “So, what have you been doing all summer?” Becca asked. “I really do hope you’ve been having more fun than I have. My house isn’t particularly interesting.” 

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Becca found that it was almost noon when she woke up. She swore loudly and jumped out of bed, quickly pulling on her clothes and brushing her hair, trying not to fall down the stairs as she ran down them to get a quick breakfast. After practically inhaling two pieces of toast, she looked around. “Mum, dad, I’m going out,” she shouted, not sure if they were home or not, but thinking she might as well tell them in case they were. 

That done, she apparated over to Alex’s. She looked around her at the huge halls of the castle, then looked up the stairs in front of her and shrugged. With any luck, Alex would be in earshot. “Alex!” she shouted, waiting for an answer. The thought crossed her mind to wander around and look for her friend, but she thought she’d probably end up lost. Staying where she was and making noise until Alex found her was probably a better idea. 



I don’t know. Something awesome. I’m sure we can think of something.

Yes. Something will be thought of. And soon. But if that doesn’t happen, we can always just eat way too much ice cream.

That sounds good. So, no pressure to think of anything then? Since we have a flawless backup plan and all…

Yes! I’ll pick you up at noon and we’ll head to Diagon Alley. Sound good?